How to join 1.47GB (mini DVD) into one 4.27GB

I have three 1.47GB (mini DVD) want to combine into a 4.27GB DVD. What software to use to combine the movies without losing menus etc. Help will be greatly appreciated.

Authoring tools like IFOEDIT or DVDLAB.

I think I was not clear in my question. I have three 1.47GB mini DVDs. Each with own VEDIO_TS folder. Having their own menu with 30 min of video in each. How do I combine the three DVD to play on 4.47 GB DVD? The knowledge or the expertise on IFOEDIT I have is limited and did not find how to combine the three DVD. I am looking for a solution where I can have the each movie with menus and then when I chose one menu it goes to the menus of the mini DVD. Is it possible or I am asking for something impossible. Any help will be greatly appreciated…

You should check out DVDlab or DVDlabPRO then, trial is available.

4.47GB DVDs are not available. Either 4.37GB SL (4.7 marked) or 7.9GB DL (8.5 marked) ones.