How to invoke InCD to format (programatically)

I am trying to provide a button in one of our applications to format (or re-format) a CD/DVD in a “standard” format without additional user interface, and without having the media eject on completion.

I have been getting mixed results using the InCDL (InCD Launcher), and even then, am unable to eliminate the GUI. It appears the popup dialog is part of the InCD.exe.


Is there some way to invoked InCD with command line arguments, or send it messages to accomplish this task?

I have not seen anything in the NeroSDK that appears to format a disk for packet writing, although there are API to open an already formatted CD for reading or writing. I there a code example somewhere to do this?

Any other ideas? I am using the recent Sony 710 CD/DVD/Dual Layer DVD burner.

Thanks In Advance,

I don’t believe InCD exports any interface for a programmatic control. If you managed to control it anyhow, I assume it is the best you will currently get. There is no such functionality in the NeroSDK either.