How to interpret reviews?

Ok I could on and on about this, but I’m mainly concerned about reading speeds. Ok I see -r, +r, rw, DL and all that. My main concern is so what is a purchased “movie” dvd labeled as? I would like to know the reading speeds of purchased movies so I can rip them as fast as possible. What would this be DL -r in the reviews? Most movies seem to be Dual layer. I’m not sure if this thread has already been made, but I think this would be a great place for others to post questions as well if it hasn’t. Those reviews are very helpfull if you know what is being said.

A purchased DVD movie is labelled as “DVD-ROM”, and is manufactured quite differently to the writeable formats you quote.

The reading speed of commercial DVD-ROMs is usually governed by the firmware on the drive, and is sometimes deliberately set slower than the maximum possible (known as ‘riplock’). One of the reasons people change (ie ‘flash’) the firmware on the drive is to free them of this read restriction.

Thank you I may have to flash my drive. I need to read up on that though i’m still not sure how to do that. I’m not sure if I seen any dvd-rom reading speed stats on any of the reviews other than stating it has no riplock. Would this be correct?

I haven’t really looked for official claims of deliberately-fixed ripping speed, but IIRC it usually operates at a constant data rate. With riplock removed, the drive is free to acquire data at constant disc speed (constant angular velocity (CAV)), which means the datarate gets faster as the pickup moves towards the edge of the disc. You should end up with at least 11x-12x towards the end.

Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before flashing your drive. People on the specific forums here will be only too glad to help :flower:

Hi wheelz, and welcome to our forum.

I think the tests you are looking for is located on the page “Reading performance “ in our reviews (under the section: DVD reading performance – DVD-Video).

One example can be found here.

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for all the help guys. Ok another one here. Is a pressed disc the same as an original?

Yes it is :flower:

Thank you very very very much. Now I know! :flower: I’m lookin at the BenQ 1650, and read the review about the Phillips 1660 which I take it is the same. Looks like it’s got some great reading speeds, and I can get one for a great deal right now. I think I just may go that route. Just hope it’s reading speeds are like the philips though. :slight_smile: I love my NEC 3520 but it’s gettin close to it’s end on the reading part. Still burns like a champ, and I wouldn’t mind having two drives so I can one click copy media. By the looks of it here on this forum you never have to many! :bigsmile:

Well I learned how to use Binflash, and installed 3.07, and then bumped it up to the 2.U5. All is good so far this is a great place to learn, and holy smokes talk about another world. So many forums one could be here forever!! :bigsmile: Is there any thing I have to do to remove riplock? Is this automatic with the flash ( In binflash I did set all dvd+r to dvd rom)? It seems faster but not super fast. I’m getting much better reads though and that is the most important thing for me. I don’t need to buy another drive just yet. :clap:

Glad you’re having fun ;)…

I’m not an expert, which is why I suggested you pose this kind of question to the right sub-forums here for your make and model number of your drive. However the riplock is usually removed by the firmware you install and this should be documented in the download. If you’re getting better read speeds with the same discs that were previously slower, then that would subjectively indicate that riplock has been removed.

Setting +R to DVD-ROM is the process of altering the ‘booktype’ of +R or +RW discs, and is only to do with extending compatibility in different DVD players.