How to interpret Nero Speed scan results?

Sorry if this has been posted earlier here in the forum but I did search but still couldn’t find any explanation - maybe I didn’t search with the correct parameters? The quality rating in % - is that it? What is a good PI - PIF -Jitter rating? I suspect my burns on my LiteOn 20x are not up to par on Verbatim 2.4x DL media but I don’t know what to look for when looking at the DVDInfoPro and Nero graphs. The results vary quite a bit between DVDInfoPro and Nero as well - is this normal? Any help appreciated…

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Why not post an image of a scan, that way we can point out the good and/or bad about it. Nero CD-DVD Speed scan would be preferred.

If you don’t know how to save the image it’s the “floppy” icon at top right of CD Speed and then save the image in png format. Then to post it back use Go Advanced and Manage Attachments.

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You can find information about interpreting PIE/PIF scans here:

Interpreting PI/PO error scans (stick thread)

We also have an entire forum dedicated to discussing media testing:

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The “quality score” calculated by Nero CD-DVD Speed is based only
[li] on the maximum PIF value, so experienced users tend to ignore that and look at the graphs instead.[/li]
The maximum PIF should be 4 or less on a LiteOn scan, with a maximum of 2 being quite common for good burns. The maximum PIE should be 280 or less. but it’s usually much lower than that. Lower totals are better.

It’s unclear how accurate jitter scans are on these drives, and it will depend on the scanning speed. As a rule of thumb I wouldn’t accept any jitter above 12% and for a good burn it should be 10% or lower.

Just as for PIE/PIF scans, different drives can report different levels, and there will also be some variation between scans.

[li] And whether the scanning interval is 1 ECC, 8 ECC or something else.[/li]For drives that can report POF the quality score will be zero if POF > 0.

Thx for clearing that up - judging by your info on Nero I guess my burns/scans aren’t that bad after all :slight_smile: The quality rating is kinda confusing - it would seem more logical to me to portray the overall quality of a burn than just give results based on a maximum?

I’ll post my scans in the appropriate thread from now on…

well I don’t think ECMA gave a maximum for total or average, just maximum peak. so that’s what cd-dvd scan uses. if PIF peak > 4 on liteon you get docked quality points.