How to interpret nero cd speed - disc quality test?

How do I interpret cd speed - disc quality test?

  1. the pie - average , maximum etc.
  2. pif - average, maximum etc
  3. jitter values
  4. quality score
  5. any other value of importance?
    6.what values ranges are considered good, excellent etc.
  6. which are important
  7. how is quality score determined? I see pif’s and pie’s low and I see pifs and pie’s high and still their quality score is identical? why?

2 and 4 mainly.

Here’s a few rules of mine. (Pretty loose, I think others have much stricter rules)

  1. Forget about the quality score. (OK. I can’t deny it does bother me. :slight_smile: )

  2. PIE < 280 is the absolute standard but… I feel safe only when PIE max < 100. PIE avg isn’t that important. As long as PIF is small, I think PIE is ignorable.

  3. PIF <16 is the absolute standard but… in good burns PIFs should be separated. If you see successive PIFs form a yellow region of height ~10 instead of yellow spikes, it’s a bad sign.

  4. POF = 0 No way to give up this. In fact, even if POF is not 0, the disc is usually readable at lower speed but… will you take that risk?

  5. OK. about jitter, I’m not sure. The CDDVDSpeed say max <12.0% is a good burn. I personally have no experience on bad jitters even at 15%, probably because I only burn data DVDs, not movie backups. But discs with high jitter are absolutely readable in the computer drive.

Again, this standard is to distinguish marginally dangerous discs, many people feel unhappy way before the graph hits this. If you’re using “good” discs, your graph should be very close to those in the HOF.

But there’s no serious flaw in the quality score. I would suspect any quality score of 95 or better would play with no freezes and any quality score of 90 would play with maybe a few freezes.

With all the scans I have done… I 've always had this successive PIF’s… why is this?

Not a bad result for CMC MAG (memorex) burned at 12 speed on NEC 3520… if it wasn’t for those full lines…

Hmm I thought the PIF std for spec was greater than 16 like 28 or 32…

I know a PIF over 16 is not good

the tramp…that is poor quality media that is why you are seeing that

the solid line is normal for the Lite on dvd rom drive you are scanning with.
Those scans cannot be compared with that of a dvd writer , especially a benQ writer.
Actually looks like a good scan for Lite on dvd rom.
I have a lite on dvd rom ltd 163 and that is about as good as they get with that drive.

Quality score is useless. It’s just another interpretation on PIF max. If you would have a burn with constant 16 PIF and a burn with just one 16 PIF and a total of 16 PIF the quality score would be the same… but the quality of both burns wouldn’t be near the same.

waspile: thx for the info… kinda got confirmation about what I thought was the cause…

nealh: Memorex is considered to be pretty ok quality media, no?

Interpreting PI/PO error scans

As said in previous messages, PIE should be < 280

For PIF, absolute max is 32 (with 8 ECC block scanning as the BenQ DW-1620 does). However, as mentioned in the link, with result beetween 5 and 32 you can’t be sure that there’s no 4 consecutive bad blocks.

Even this can be read… but ofcourse… I don’t have to draw a picture as to how many drives that are able to read this :wink:

as low as possible is the way to go

I’d say the same. However, what about data DVD? I don’t care too much if a movie freeze for half of a second during playback. I care much about data backup that can’t be read.

BTW, I was wondering what should be an acceptable scan for archiving data?

NO memorex can be good but they rebrand…the media is CMC

made in japan Taiyo Yuden are very good, MCC004 seem very good there are others but most would agree CMC is not a top tier manufacturer

That’s a characteristic of a Liteon-rom scan, not burner scan. Don’t worry, it’s a good burn. If you scan it on burners, those ~1 basement PIFs disappears.

I went back and was checking a few of my Ritek G04s that I had done from a year ago. Most were fine but notice on the first scan the extremely high PIE. I was able to re-rip this and re-burn without errors. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to re-rip this but it worked. Both of these were from the same spindle and most of my other Ritek G04s scanned like the 2nd one.

Ritek had some quality control issues a year or so back with their G04. That would explain why some are good and others not as well as why the problem shows at the edge of the disc where it is harder to get good burn quality on marginal media. Glad you could recover them.

But shouldn’t the disc be unreadable at the end with a PIE of 957?

as already pointed out, a scan on a reader not writer is rather meaningless.

not necessarily. while high pie showes that is a poor burn, thesse are theoretically correctable errors. depending on the quality of the reader you are using it may very well be able to compensate for it. it is pof and pif that are the true indicators of readability…

All I wanted to say that this information that is been given here is of much value to me, it is really helpful indeed.