How To Install Wii Homebrew Channel

currently the twilight hack does not work with firmware v4

what you need

[li]wii[/li][li]wii wi-fi connection (not really needed but recommended)[/li][li]sd card 2gb or less[/li][li]zelda twilight princess[/li][li]the files[/li][/ol]

lets assume you already have the first three so here are the files

[li]twilight hack for firmware 3.4[/li]
[li]twilight hack for firmware 3.3 and earlier[/li]
[li]the homebrew channel[/li]
[li]the homebrew browser[/li][/ul]

prepare your sd card

[li]format sd card with fat file system[/li]
[li]place the twilight hack private folder in the root of your sd card sd:\private[/li]
[li]place the homebrew channel boot.dol file in the root of you sd card sd:\boot.dol[/li]
[li]create a new folder in the root of the sd card named apps sd:\apps[/li]
[li]place the homebrew browser folder into the apps folder sd:\apps\hombrew_browser[/li][/ol]

running and installing the hack

[li]look at the inner circle of you twilight princess disc and read the text, USA versions you will see either “RVL-RZDE-0A-0” or “RVL-RZDE-0A-2”[/li]
[li]if you have not played twilight princess you must first play the game so the wii can create a save game[/li]
[li]delete twilight princess saves from your wii data management[/li]
[li]copy the twilight hack from your sd card to your wii[/li]
[li]exit to the wii menu and play twilight princess selecting the appropriate save game, walk forward and talk to the nearby person[/li]
[li]press accept a few times and you now have homebrew installed[/li][/ol]

for more information please click >here<

the twilight hack is rumored to never work with firmware 4.0 or later. there are currently other methods of installing homebrew channel on an unmodified 4.0 wii. when i get more details i will explain. until then just use google.

How do I tell what firmware version I have?

from your wii menu click on wii options, then click wii settings. the firmware version will display on the top right.