How to install software on an UDF DVD+RW?

Dear all,

can anyone help with the following:
I have an old notebook with small hard drive but with DVD writer. It came to my mind that I could use a DVD+RW together with InCD (packet writing software) to not just store files but also to actually install software on it.

First I tried directly with InCD only. However, the game I’m trying to install (Diablo II) recongnizes that the drive is a CD type and refuses to write on that.

Next I tried to subst the drive with a new drive letter. But the type of the new drive is again like a CD, doesn’t work.

Then I found that WinXP has a command ‘mountvol’ which allows you to mount a volume inside a folder on a hard drive, much like in linux. This seemed to work at first, the game starts to copy files. But at some point it seems to try and patch a file which was already copied (not exactly sure what it does, I get an error message with sth like that) and this actually causes my drive to stop responding. I can still open InCD but when I try do to anything like formatting it doesn’t respond.

I was able to install another small piece of software using mountvol which only seemed to copy files. Is there another thing I could try to have a general solution?

Thanks a lot