How to Install Matshita DVD-Rom SR8585 Firmware



My DVD-Rom will read DVD’s I have purchased, very well but a DVD disc I created on my Intel computer,will not load in my HP computer.
I can view this disk with my DVD player to view on my TV.
This problem began when I upgraded from windows98 to windowsXP Pro.
I thought I would have to upgrade the DVD-Rom to work with XP.
I downloaded the .rar file opened it into a file.
Now how do I Install the file.
Can anyone help me, please


Not so fast. You have to know what you are doing especially with Matshita drives.

There are several OEM firmwares out, and once flashed with the wrong one, your drive may be dead.

So, please post a output from Discinfo or Nero Infotool to find out the actual firmware on the drive.


Thanks for the responce.
I ran Nero info Tool as you suggested, and found that the DVD-Rom Drive I have
Does not support DVD+R or DVD+RW disks.
The drive is over 6 years 0ld.
I believe that this is the problem.
The firmware Version: 1W26
For the price, I think I will buy a new drive.

Would you agree?, or will a firmware upgrade change this.


It is over 6 years old, so does it have RPC2 scheme?? Regioncodes?

[B]1W32[/B] seems to be the latest for your drive, see here.

The capabilities info comes from the firmware, so it mustn’t always be correct. :wink:


I have RPC 11
Region code 1

For some reason I cannot print or save the Info tool display, so please bear with me.


1W32 is rpc-2 and 1X32 is region code free.

Just read and follow the info supplied.