How to Install Firmware upgrade

I just recently purchased a Plextor 48x 24x 48x drive and downloaded the new firmware upgrade. Is there anything specific I need to do to install it? Or do I just double click on the downloaded version and its self extracting?

Sorry, not trying to sound computer illiterate, just new at firmware upgrades. Thanks!

i just downloaded and installed the self .exe firmware version’s in turn, my drive came with firmware v 1.01 so i installed v 1.02, 1.03 and now the latest 1.04 without any problems.

So just open the .exe and it should self install?

Do you have to install previous version first before you install the most updated one?

Where do you locate which version you currently have?


heres what i done in detail.
a, checked what version my firmware was ( i used nero if you have that open it up click recorder, choose recorder then highlight your cd-rw and the firmware will be listed.

b, as my firmware was v1.01 i downloaded firmware 1.02 double clicked and installed itself.

c, rebooted pc

d, then installed v1.03 ( rebooted pc)

e, then installed v 1.04 ( rebooted pc)

hope this helps

Perfect! Thanks for the explaination… i am sure it will work without a problem.

For future reference, firmware upgrades are cumulative–it is not necessary to install all of them; only the latest one.

thanks rumokeenme,
wasn’t sure myself so played safe lol

Good to know… Thanks! That will save me some download time and multiple reboots! :smiley: