How to install anydvd

I just purchased Anydvd. I downloaded a file called key.anydvd. When I try to open it I get a message saying "windows cannot open this file, windows needs to know what program created it.
What do I need to do to install it?

you have to go start --> slysoft --> anydvd —> register anydvd, then open the file

Slysoft does not appear in the start menu.
Should I have received an e-mail after sending credit card payment?
I used the 21 day trial version and then deleted anydvd before ordering it. Would this create a problem?
Thanks for the help

it’s not a problem. it just creates an extra step. why did you delete it?

you havet use that key to unlock the trial. re-download the trial and install it as yu did thfirst time, then follow the instructions in the post above and you shold be all set!

It works. Thanks for your help.
Should I save the “key” to cd? If so, after saving it, does it need to be saved on the computer ( desktop or in a file)? And i assume that I now can delete the set up file, right?
Thanks again

the setup file will always be avilable from

some people like ot keep a prior version just in case, but in my opinion, there’s no need to. slysoft releases versions that work.

also, the key doesn’t have to remain on your hard drive, but i’d keep a copy on the hard drive, on a cd, on a floppy, wherever it will be safe. if you ever have to do a format or if you get a virus then you may need the key again and it’s a big hassle for slysoft to issue you a new key.

along with the key, i’d keep the confirmation email backed up as well. if you ever DO need a new key then you’ll need proof of purchase and this expedites that process.

I have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. Just purchased late last night.How long does it usually take to receive confirmation?

should have received it immediately. when you order it takes you to a page to download your key, but you should have also received an email with the key information in it as well.

check your spam/junk folder. sometimes stuff gets rerouted without telling you!

You were right, in my junk mail folder. Thanks again.

also you can rename the file to have the extension of


then double click it

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