How To Install A Dvd Burner

I installed a dvd burn and it will burn but not read a disk.

Could you be more detailed (name of writer , program you use) cause like this , I can’t help you.

I installed a DVD burner in conjuction with a CD burner.
I set the CD burner as the master and DVD burner as slave but
it would not read a disk. It would burn it but not read it.
I changed the DVD burner to CS and left the CD burner as master.
Now the DVD burner will sometime read a disk and sometimes not.
Can you give me the property settings and the jumper settings for the CD and DVD burners?


P.S. I am using Nero Ultra v6.0.

Things to try.

Removed the CD burner and set the DVD burner to master.
Try in another system if possible.
Is it burnt disk that are not readinf are all disks?

Thinking more about this,
Do you know it is burning correctly?
Have you tried the burnt disk on another computer/ drive and it reads ok?

It may be bad burning/ bad media. Try lower burn speeds and different media. This could be why the disk si not rading correctly.


The DVDs I burned will read on other p.c. and this one will read it sometimes.

I’ll remove the CD burner and leave the DVD burner as master and see if it works.

Maybe it does not like a CD burner and DVD burner on the same IDE.

The DVD burner has 3 jumper positions:. CS, SL and MA.

What is the CS position used for?:bow:

CS is Cable Select.

This may sound silly. But the head could be misaligned. Try everything above. If it doesn’t help you could always smack it gently for a little bit.

Thanks for your help but there is something wrong
with my configuration/setup.

It affects both my CD burner and DVD burner. Sometimes they will read and sometimes not. It may be in the IDE connector in the MB.


Could be IDE drivers. Try installing Mircosoft default IDE drivers.

Another likely cuplrit would be the IDE cable.
Try a different/new (80 wire) IDE cable.