How to insert track numbers (nero 7)

I have just converted an old cassette tape to wav. files for transferring to a cd for playback in any cd player . All is well so far but how can i change the order of play in either burning rom or express ? . I want the cd to play the tracks in the order they were on the cassette and not alphabetical but cant find anywhere to edit the numerical track number . Anyone know , cheers guys , Steve , Plymouth UK:bow:

All sorted now !!

I don’t have an answer to your post, but I am doing the same stuff and thought you might be able to help me. How did you split your WAV file into tracks? I was able to do this with an older version of NERO. I can assign tracks in WAVEDITOR but I have not figured out how to save them.
Thanks in advance

Im using the latest nero 7 . Either record an entire side of a cassette and then using wav editor cut/copy etc , I did try the cassette to wav option in nero smart start which gives you the option to cut into tracks when it sees a 2 second or more silence but this didnt always work . I solely use wav editor now and either do individual tracks or a whole side and then cut/paste each track .

Hey! You may already have found the answer to this but it is very simple:

From the [B][I]Edit [/I][/B]menu select “[B]Insert Track Split[/B]” BEFORE each section or song (this means you should insert a track split at the [U]very beginning[/U] of the waveform). After you have assigned all your splits (use [Shift] + [S] to zoom to selection for maximum accuracy), select “[B]Save Tracks as Files[/B]”, from the [B][I]Edit [/I][/B]menu. ([I]Not sure why this option isn’t in the [B]File [/B]menu where it belongs[/I]) :doh: You can rename your tracks by highlighting a track and pressing “F2”.

If you use Audacity (freeware) it lets you edit the “Labels” directly; you might find this easier.

You should find that if you export your files like this (Nero or Audacity), when you add them to Burning ROM they will be in the correct order.

The simple solution to ordering your tracks is to append the track number to the front of the filename (i.e. [B]01 First Track[/B], [B]02 Second Track[/B], etc.) This is generally a good idea anyway and based on the fact that Nero doesn’t let you reorder the files, I suspect that is what it is expecting the user to have done.

PS You might want to check out MixMeister if you have the cash. I use MM Studio and highly recommend it but Express will give you plenty of control to make impressive CD’s the way you want.