How to individually copy videos from a dvd?



Hi everybody, i have a dvd which has been made by a video creator programme such as nero, two videos have been added then burnt to the dvd, but now i would like to take them off seperately to put on separate dvd’s but when i go to explore on my computer the files are joint (ie Video_TS Audio_TS) because its one movie even though 2 separate videos, is there any way to get them off separate. :confused:


Open the files on the disk with DVDShrink. Got to ReAuthor in Shrink and see if there are two titles in the dvd compilation. If so, you can select just one of the titles at a time to save to a separate dvd.

If there are not two titles, do the same steps, but this time use the Set Start/End Frames tool within DVDShrink to choose the exact areas of the dvd that you want to save to the new dvd.

By the way, you shouldn’t need to use any compression when saving these sections, so don’t be put off by the name of the tool.

DVDShrink can be found at among other places. This guide should give you the basics on using the Set Start/End Frame tool when in ReAuthor mode using DVDShrink:


Thanks very much, been trying for hours mucking about with nero and windows movie maker but this sounds much easier Thanks Again :smiley: