How to increase the speed of burning?

I have ANYDVD and on most burns iot takes an hour or more. Is there a way to speed the prossess and will it have an effect on the DVD? I am a little new and I need some help.

It would be helpful if you’d mention the drive you’re using to read the DVDs with. Speed depends on the drive you’re using to read with, not on AnyDVD I think. Generally speaking a higher read speed has no affect on the DVD.

As you are speaking of burns…

there are different media’s available,

some are for burning at 1x speed only (for these you need 1hour)
2x speed = 30min.
4x speed = 15min.
8x speed = 8min.

check you media.

If you have a media other than 1x then there must be an option in your
burning software that allows you to burn with maximum speed

Enable DMA