How to increase Sound Volume (CloneDVD mobile -> PSP)


has anyone got an idea how to increase the sound volume when copying DVD movies to a PSP using clonedvd mobile with psp avc/h264 profile? when i open the “devices.ini” there is one parameter “volume=400” where “400” seems to be the default value. does anyone know what changes are necessary to increase the sound volume?

thanks in advance…

nicedad :smiley:

You can increase the “MVolume” value.

@Tru: It works - thank you very much.

nicedad: How much did you increase the volume value to?

Hello, im new here. But i have the same problem.

I know you can increase the volume for psp conversions for the MP4 with MVolume. But how do you increase volume for the AVC/H264 firmware >= 2.6?

The only thing i see there is volume = 400.

there is no mvolume. Can i add that line to it myself?

Thanks guys.