How to increase number of audio files on CD

How can I cram more mp3 files onto a CD to play in a regular stand-alone CD player so that an audio book will require less CDs?

A lot depends on the stand alone player & how it handles .mp3 as well as recordable discs.How many are you able to put on the CD’s you have burned?
What I posted here might help:

No way, the limit for CDDA tracks are 99!

[QUOTE=chef;2055400]No way, the limit for CDDA tracks are 99![/QUOTE]
No way on which one ?
My standalone CD player is old & doesn’t play the CD I create from the .mp3’s.A car cd disc player that will play .mp3’s does & so do my standalone DVD players so no problem getting these .mp3’s to my home stereo reciever/amp.
They also play fine on my computer.

CDA is limited by time, as it will always be 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo. 80 minutes. No more, no less (unless you use nonstandard media).

Remember to use two digit numbering for cd’s and three digit numbering for mp3’s. Thus there is a 99 track limit for cd’s and 999 for mp3’s.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2055746]CDA is limited by time, as it will always be 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo. 80 minutes. No more, no less (unless you use nonstandard media).[/QUOTE]

So it looks like regardless of how many tracks, 80 minutes is the max for a CD.

That being the case:
I have an iPod that I can stand in a gizmo called an iLuv so I can play stuff out loud. It seems when I search for mp3 players on the net, everything comes with ear phones. Is there a stand-alone mp3 player that’ll play out loud that either has some sort of internal flash memory or a USB port that a flash drive can be plugged into that is relatively inexpensive?

As an example one of the CD -Rs I have has 8 albums the total songs as .mp3 files is 126.So quite a bit of listening for 1 CD -R.

Did you burn it as a data disc? If not, how did you get 8 albums on one disc? and what device did you use to play them? My goal is an inexpensive alternative to my son’s standalone CD player that will allow me to play legnthy audio book files without having to burn a lot CDs for each audio book - and preferably [I]no[/I] CDs if there’s a gadget that will play these mp3 files out loud

jonnyD;If you check the link I put in my first post #2 it shows how I do this with a CD -R disc.
I have only done this from commercial music CD’s(as a backup).
They do not work on my standalone CD players but mine are old & do not have .mp3 capability.A newer standalone CD player with .mp3 capabilities should play these.So check the manual on your standalone CD players.
How ever they do play in the car CD disc player & it has .mp3 capability.
The also play in the computer.
For home play they play in all of my standalone DVD player & DVD player recorders.All of mine have .mp3 capability.I have one of these connected to my home Stereo amp/receiver so I can get good sound.
Don’t do this with a DVD disc the only thing that will work on is a computer.
It must be a CD -R disc or a -RW if your units will recognize a -RW all won’t.
Yes it is a DATA disc but it works as above.
I don’t know if there is a gadget that you could load these on without CD’s.Maybe someone here does.