How to increase Epson R200 CD/DVD printing speed

Epson R200 prints CD/DVDs very slowly no matter what Quality Option you choose in Basic Settings, but advanced settings show only Best Photo option selectable.

It turns out while printing CD/DVDs the Paper Type does not have to be “CD/DVD” or “CD/DVD Premium Surface”.

To experiment with other quality options and printing speeds set Media Type to Matte paper or different which seems similar to disk surface while leaving Source Type: Manual.

When printing on CD/DVD you can only use best mode, regardless of what you use in the basic settings - I have not experimented with other paper types and would not do it either UNLESS I am printing simple text and logos, there again you might not get the desired result, but it’s worth a try anyways. :smiley: (I would NOT recommend it for printing full surface discs with photos…) :slight_smile:

It works a treat and prints in roughly half the time. In advanced set up, if you set paper type from CD/DVD to plain paper, then in normal options, set quality to photo, you should be very happy with print quality and speed. Slight evidence of banding but well worth the trade off imo :slight_smile: