How to Improve Your Filelist Ratio

If you use FileList or FileMp3 then this is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!

LOL, does the trackers can detect this?
It could be nice for users like me, that the maximum U/L speed in my country is 10kb/s… :frowning:

yeah, real fuckin cool leecher scum :a


People that use stuff like this to inflate their ratio can quite simply go f*** themselves, hopefully a fix that involves looking at impossible ratio increases will be put in place, all you’re doing is fcking the system over which in turn will fck it up for you aswell THINK cant seed it? dont download it.

tested this proogie up and worked like a charm… i’v had 100g uploaded already so its never been an issue for me

But what about people like me? I ain’t gonna use this anyway, but think about the people who has a tiny u/l rate…

Im on a 2Mb down/256Kb up connection meaning my upload rate is 8x slower than my download rate and i always seed to atleast a 1:1 ratio, and personally dont find it difficult to seed over 1:2 so i fail to see the problem, if you want the files then leave your machine on 24/7 to seed them back or just dont download them, its all about give and take, stuff like this is just going to ruin the system for everybody in the end.

Ha… Your U/L rate is enormous in comprasion to mine (10kb/s).
That means 4gb’s total in a 24/7 straight seeding period.

Yeah, in ftp communities I upload heaps, but on bittorrent (public) since there is no real ratio on minor sites there is no point in using this. Btw, I tried it out on a fake account (just to see if this guy was bullshiting or not), and it doesnt actually work lol - it says your seeding the torrent and you’ve added 10 gig, but it doesnt actually show on your ratio.

In short don’t bother with this, remember kids ‘sharing is caring’ and this principle has kept the warez community going to ages. As Brownstoen said, if you can’t seed the fuffing thing - don’t download it!

  • JonnyB out

maybe your browser didn’t refresh completely… mine did improve my ratio but i only added 5MB to see if worked… compared to the 500+GB i’ve already uploaded…

enormous? yours is 10kb/s mine is 30kb/s i hardly call that enormous, perhaps if i had a 1mb upload speed then yeah, the fact is if your upload speed is slow then either pay more for a better connection or if you physically cant have a faster connection then just accept its gonna take you longer to get what you want.

man i say thank you for the leach :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
cus have always hated bit’s for the slow down loads and my mates have dail up so thank you i will pass the link to them :flower:

Have a look at this screenshot then, it fucks up it says your seeding 10 gig, but it doesnt add it 2 your ratio :open_mouth:

good it doesn’t work…most BT sites are well aware of the exploit and have taken measures against it…including perm banning leech scum w/no warning… :iagree:

Thanks for the heads up. I have a lousy 2,5/2,5 mbit so now i know where not to visit - or should i just ban slow connections, hmmmm? :flower:

me i SAY but to all the guys sitting there going off about this guy for showing you something that was always there you just didnt know about just SHUT THE #$%# UP i used revconnect i am sorry but no bit’s will ever get speeds off 1MB pre sec so the poeple that are on bit’s are po-ple like my mates there connection speed is to slow to get on rev so they used bit’s.
the hole he posted is very very nice for poeple like my MATE! who has d/up and his up load is so crap he is there for aweek trying to get 1 song.
I SAY good job mate :clap: you done good.

not enormous but it’s only 2.5 times more… so what takes you 2 and 1/2 days, thats him 1 day… not a big deal IMHO. your 4gb per day is an overestimate and inaccurate… more like 2.2 gb. do the math!!!
what happen to intellectual? has american or people in general, their IQ have dropped siginificantly since the last decade?


Yeah just great because he’s too much of a cheap bstrd to pay for a decent connection, oh no let me guess he’s

excuse BS excuse and thats why he cant have it

Its also great when he gets his arse kicked off his favorite trackers for listening to his m8’s BS advice.

Fuffing hell mate, I can’t understand a word you’ve said…