How to improve Ty02 burns to make it as good as Ty01 burns?

I had tried samplers from for both ty01 and ty02, found ty01 disks better and bought a bunch of them. now i have run out of them… and could’t find any more ty01 disks… - so ended up buying some ty02 disks… but i can never get a burn to come close to the quality of the ty01 burns.

can someone help ? maybe a different write strategy should be used ?

here is the burns from ty01 (sold under samsung brand at
and ty02 (sold under Sony brand at

both burns are from the same .iso file - burnt using dvd decryptor.
i have another 98 ty02 disks… so i appreciate any help in this regard.

don’t worry abou the spikes, the scan looks perfect. but you can try a firmware update to CG5G, it’s newer than your fw version. maybe it will improve something.

get CG5G here:

I am not sure if the firmware updates actually improve +R burning and that too for TY media.

here is a link with my burns with older firmware… and TY01 was still better than TY02 burns.

@ happymister
Both those results are excellent :iagree: . I would rate the TY01 as 98/100 and the TY02 as 95/100 on the ‘please’ scale:). The difference you are seeing is the recalibration spikes which takes place during a speed shift or recalibration during an 8x TY02 burn. You don’t see them in the 4x TY01 burn as there are no speed shifts. The single spikes are discountable. I get similar results from RICOHJPNR01 at 8x and 4x. If you want to try, you could burn the TY02 at 4x speed and see if you get TY01 results. I usually burn my R01s at 4x for the slightly better results as I don’t mind the extra time spent to burn. :cool:

yes. i have tried burning the Ty02s in 4x speeds before… and got similar results…
but interestingly i just came across casper’s posting where he said he changed the write strat for T02 to T03 and saw an improvement… will try that also…

Are you saying that the recalibration spikes would cause the slight mountain in the start ?
I know both scans are excellent… but i have many more of the TY02 disks left… and i am trying to make it as perfect as i can… i usually stick to one media and once i like it… don’t change it… unfortunatley, i am unable to get TY01s anymore… :wink:
i know … picky…picky… believe me… i hear it alot from my wife too :wink: :wink:

you can also reset the learnt media from eeprom with the eeprom utility. but make a backup of your current eeprom before. if your burns get better, you can stay with it. but if they get worse, just flash back the eeprom backup.

I know this won’t be the most helpful post for your problem, but after buying a Benq 1620, I’ve come to the conclusion that although there might be some disc quality drop off between T01 and T02, Lite-On might also bear some responsibility. Here are two burns with T02- first done with Benq 1620 B7U9, second done with 851@832 CG5G; both scanned with the Lite-On.

Even more telling is that the Benq burn was done at 12x, while the Litey could only manage that at 6x (on somewhat of a tangent, my T02s had a sweet spot of the almost never used 6x on the Lite-On, so you might try that if all else fails). I was especially perturbed about the noticable early rise in errors, which I observed on every T02 burn I did with my Lite-On, and on yours as well.

I don’t mention this to convert anyone or to be discouraging about Lite-Ons, but simply to say that maybe Lite-On got the T01 strat right on, but is just a little bit off on the T02 and that combined with a bit of a quality drop off in discs, this is the best we will ever get. Someone with better knowledge of the differences between T01 and T02 can overrule me, but that’s my layman’s $.02

P.S. Before anyone jumps on me, I know both burns are well within spec, but the noticable mountain early on still bugs me. I would even be more comfortable with a burn that split the difference with a more constant PI level, say at 12 or 15 or so.

I followed casper’s suggestion and upgraded my firmware to cy58 with TY02 strat changed to TY03 - and burnt at both 4x and 8x… not much difference.
the 4x scan is at
and here is the 8x scan… not much difference from my previous firmware.

I don’t know, maybe he should get a Lite-On to burn those Ty002’s with… I just had this scan with my Lite-on and ty002… :wink: :bigsmile: :wink:


how did oyu guys get those good results with those scans. i have the ty01 media labeled samsung but i dont usually get those good of results. Using VSOB with 832s. i tried one of the CG3E firmware but they didnt turn out so good. Should i reset the learned media? Is there a way to make my drive back to factory setttings so i can start all over from scratch.