How to improve this result?

I think this result is very disappointing. I burned a genuine Taiyo Yuden with my brand new (this is my third burn) BenQ (secondary slave) using Nero OS is off and both SB options are activated. The source HDD is connected as primary slave.

In the near future I only want to burn this media. Is it therefore better to apply a different F/W or what else can be done to get a better scan result?

What speed did you burn at? 12X is probably a better choice than 16x if that’s what you used.

Try turning WOPC off, and enabling SolidBurn for supported media.

Burning speed was 8x and SolidBurn was enabled for supported media.

I haven’t Q-Suite installed and therefore I cannot change the WOPC option. Isn’t it disabled by default? I activated SB with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Well personally I would download Q-Suite since it isn’t so big.

Also you have BCDB firmware which gave me nothing but problems.

Try upgrading to BCHB firmware.

Banko, most people prefer BCDB over BCHB. There is a thread showing that BCDB having better burn quality than the BCHB and you can find that in the BenQ forum. And I personally prefer to use the older Firmware for the 1650/1655 series burner since the updated firmware did not give me the same burn quality. Try to burn another disc to see if it improves. And dont update the firmware, your firmware is fine.

Well it was the other way around for me. I would get HORRIBLE burns with BCDB,
even MCC 004 discs would get PIF errors into the 3000’s.

Now with BCHB, I get good quality scans like the one I posted in the 1650 SL thread.


Try 12x instead of 8x. I think most burn 16x media at 12x or 16x rather than 8x.

Are these TDK branded discs? Mine burn similar, not only with my Benq, but also with my Liteon. I doubt, that there will be much improvements with that MID.


The burn looks pretty good to me as is. JMO