How to improve the CD burning time?


Please suggest, how can I improve the CD burning time ?
I using NeroCOM component(Nero 1.1 Type Library) & VB 6.0 to copy Audio files ( using NeroAudioTracks then calling BurnIsoAudioCD ) and it is working fine. But it is taking me 19 minutes to copy a 647 MB audio CD and it is writing at 4X speed. I am using Plextor-PX 708UF External DVD-CD burner using USB 2.0, which can write upto 40X CD-R speed.

Could you please suggest, how can I reduce the CD burning time ? Do I need to buy new Nero licence ? Curently, I am using FREE Downladable Nero 6 Ultra Edition- Demoversion and NeroCOM component(Nero 1.1 Type Library). Is this is causing the slow burning ?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



What the code you use to write it.
I generally use drive.WriteSpeeds(drive.WriteSpeeds.Count - 1)
in it to get the fastest it can write.

Hi anupdh,

first, did you check for the possible burning speed of the media you are burning to? The burning speed is the smaller one of the drive speed and allowed media speed (which should be written on the media or the box).

second, is it possible that your demo version has expired? Then you can only burn at the lowest burning speed. You would then have to buy a Nero version to fix this.

Hope this helps.