How to improve ritekr03 burns!



So i bought 100 ritekr03 they have the ridata logo on them and are 8x dvd+r as you can see the burn is awwwful! Luckily thought it was only 20 bucks w/ a 10 mail in rebate… i was hoping there was a way to atleast get the burns to conform to ISO so i could play it in a dvd player w/o having to worry about it freaking out. I am using a 1633@1635 w/CS0P @8x should i go back and try a strategy swap, or just burn these shitty disks another way??

and look at the read speed!!! is it related to the shitty ass burn quality and nero having trouble reading it?


I have tried MANY different Strat swaps for this crap media on my 1673S. To no avail. The best I could come up with is burning this media at 4-6x. Regardless RITEK are crap. My RITEK media is supposed to be “A Grade” (50 spindle pk) and out of that I would say that maybe 10 of them where “A Grade” the rest more like “C Grade” :a


you can stay with CS0P when you use MCSE for strat swapping:

try YUDEN t02 or t03 strat.


The bad R03s I had burned much better at 4X. You might try that. Thankfully, I burned off the last one yesterday. Never again.


i tried them at 4x seems to provide quite acceptable quality, i’ve got to try 6x. even if 4x is the only way to get good results i can’t complain cause at 10c a shot i can deal.


lol, even my infomr02s can do better than that. Anyway, is the 04 better than 03?


whatever, these disks just suck nuts… 4x is the only way to get an acceptable burn quality… nero has trouble reading them to do a speed test, how can they rate them at 8x!!! is there any burner out there that can do a good job with these disks?
maybe these are some of those new disks that burn better at 16x than 8x :slight_smile:


@ KillerJupe
Yes there are better burners out there that will do a nice job with those discs unless they are just a bad batch. I had some RITEK R03( probably the same ‘newegg rebate’ deal as you) that would burn ugly on my Liteon, but are excellent on my NEC and even better on my BenQ…AND they will burn at 12x. So get some discs that work well with your Liteon and stay with them. Save the R03 for a new burner or better firmware or trade them to a friend…the R03’s probably don’t sound like a good deal now, do they…resist the temptation for cheap media…buy good stuff!


the problem is finding a good media that is cheap w/o going through a 100 different types, i will pay 25c a disk in a 100pack but no more cause i don’t need perfect burns just good enough to store data and movies w/o it freezing up. but anyways that whole 16x burn didn’t go so well k-probe only got 40% through before it couldn’t read anymore :slight_smile:


@ KillerJupe
the hot discs now are the FujiFilm-branded 8x+R YUDEN000T02 discs that Best Buy(USA) sells for $20/50 or this week $40/100. Make sure they say ‘Made In Japan’ near the UPC barcode label. They burn very nicely on just about anything…I recently got my best kprobe ever for a Liteon burn using a T02(‘best ever’ for NEC and BenQ as well for that matter)…they are also overspeed-able:)…that is about as cheap as ‘excellence’ is going to get…and well worth the super burns and no headaches!
sooo… the answer to the thead “how to improve ritekR03’s” is to buy T02’s :).


I had the same thoughts when I burned Ritek03 on my Lite-On 1633S and even thought about returning them since the scans were terrible.
Then I bought a BenQ 1620 and the same batch of Riteks burn and scan like they were TYs.

So it’s not always that the discs are bad, just that the Lite-On is one picky burner.


haven’t had any problems with them on my burner, i have a Lite-On SOHW812S with US0Q firmware, the results speak for themselves, this is constant results.


@ kmartin1982
Have you tried your scans at 4x scan speed, the forum standard for comparison? They look like great 8x scans and will probably be great 4x scans.
Those do look like typical ‘very good’ RITEKR03 scans, with the PI average of 2-5+ and low PIF totals.
Also, I would guess from comparing your PIF average and PIF total, that you may have deleted a single spike or two from each of your above scans…if that is true, you should say so when showing scans that are validating quality burns.


@ dial218, kmartin1982

What is the brand of your RITEKR03s?
Also are they 1st or 2nd revision?


Don’t know which revision, but they were Maxells.


yeah sorry i just deleted the spike for neatness, on one of the scans, the other is as is, was one spike, cant remember which one, posted here a while ago and they said it’s probably just a bit of dust or something and not to worry about it.

As for what brand they are i have no idea, packaged as RiData DVD+R 8x, plain silver top, that help?