How to improve ripping speeds

well i am not sure but i think this is the most appropriate thread ?

 dvd ripping time?

i have 2 computers here in my putey room. i want to make back ups for my dvds so the kids dont trash the originals!

putey no.1 rips DVDs in at least half the time of putey no.2.

putey no.1 rips 99.9% of dvds in under 30mins, start to finish .ie i mean using dvd shrink, scan dvd =1-2 min , rip- decrypt and compress approx 15- 20 mins , burn dvd = 8mins

i would expect putey no.1 to be faster [upto 15%] but certainly not twice as fast! or more!

they are both p4s and are both running at 3.6ghz . [both overclocked]

putey no.1 is a nth wood core C series fsb at 800mhz= std= (200x 4 )
in current overclocked state it is running at 240mhz x 4 3.0@3.6ghz this runs in DUAL Channel mode. 875 chipset does support dual channel. also runnign 1gb ocz ram 2x512mhz 6800ultra xp sp2

putey no.2 is a nth wood core B series fsb at 533mhz= std= [133x4]
in current overclocked state it is running at 171mhz x 4 2.8@3.6ghz . this runs in single channel mode . 845 chipset doesnt support dual channel. 1gb corsair xl pro 2x512mb twinx 9800pro xp sp2 also runs a dvd reader on sam ide 2 channel. device 0 =ultra dma mode 4, device 1 = ultra dma mode 2

both compuers run 100% stable . i dont have n e stabilty probs, just a slow ripping time for putey no.2. the slow point seems to be the decrypt and encoding time. also runs a dvd reader on same ide2 channel. device 0 =ultra dma mode 4, device 1 = ultra dma mode 2

n e ways i am running the same version of nero and dvd shrink on both and all the windows updates as far as i know are the same as well.
the only major difference i can think of is that the putey no.1 is running raid 0 [2x 80gb hdds seagate] and putey no.2 is only running a single drive 120gb wd.
the burners are also diff putey no.1 has a liteon 1633s with a dodgy version of firmware. BSOS modified.
putey no.2 has a pioneer 109 burner. firmware rev 1.58
the burners are rated at burning the same speed ! i am using dvd-R 8x ritek and verbatim dvds . they are both good although the verbatim ones are better!
i have checked all the IDE Settings and they are all running at ata100spec = ok

i found out a while ago that the versions of nero were slightly diff so i upgraded putey no.2 to the same as no.1 and that improved my burning times quite a bit, approx 30%. they were taking about 1.5 hrs but now they take around about 1hr.

i have not swapped over the burners although i think i will run a raid setup on putey no.2 to see if this is helping a lot! i just need to get another hdd!

i tried ripping with out the raid on no.1 putey and it didnt seem to make n e difference! still takes about the same time! :frowning:
so iguess hte raid has ntohing to do with it!
i also looked up old stuff online about the diff between the cpus and the only thing that looks like it might be different is the motherboard chipset! 875 as compared to 845 !
so the big question is how long does it take u guys to rip a dvd from start to finish and what are the main things needed for fast ripping?

i am led to believe u need a grunty cpu and fast hard drive speed.

n e help would be greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile:

Are you comparing both PC with the same DVD? Different DVD titles and compression levels in Shrink will give different shrinking time.

yes i am ! i have found that as u say, the more compression u need the longer it takes!


i might try out swapping the burners over! they ar both rated at 16x !

i have alos checked for the aspi layer. putey no.2 has 4.60 installed and happy. putey no.1 has none apart formteh nero one it installs. i installed it to no.2 cos i hoped it would help but it made no diff!
i would say in general putey no.1, burns better, is more reliable and faster! dvds or not! and i have found the biggest problem with coasters is definately the media!

Ripping does not include recompression/transcoding or re-authoring…

ri* is shrubby media.

well what is your take on my problem then ? oh mighty CD freak Guru! :slight_smile:

and what do u call it ? ie what i have described?

GURU07, some people regard ripping as just reading the data from the DVD - I’m not sure who’s right here, just semantics I guess.

Just a few things I’d like to clear up.

I’m a little bit confused, you mentioned Nero - what does this have to do with DVD shrink?

You mentioned 1hr to burn!! Unless you set it to burn at 1x, something is seriously wrong there with your burner.

I’m not sure if this helps you out, but I did noticed that dvd shrink rips and processes the data at the same time. IMHO, I would suspect the DVD readers. In the past I’ve noticed that some DVD readers/writers suffer from very slow reading speeds when it is asked to read with error correction, but I’m not sure how dvd shrink reads in the DVD.

well firstly i am led to believe that dvd shrink cant burn n e thing itself but actually uses what ever burning program is on your this case nero. now i have know idea what happens if u have 2 but it uses one of them i guess. i think i read it in the dvd shrink readme?

u r right, i should have stated that" it scans rips +burns in 1hr now not 1.5" asactuslly i meant the whole process [ scanning ripping + burning] . i will correct it using
the edit!
the actual burning part dont really take n e longer than with the other drive ! only marginally longer if any!

there dont seem to be an edit for the original post n e more? :frowning:

Using shrink and it’s settings for DA and AEC is [B]very complicated [/B] when you start to grasp the variables controlling transcode times.

well i dont really know about the dvd shrink in detail just a basic knowledge of how to use it and how it is suppoosed to work.

one thing that no body has bothered to answer is this -

  • “how long does it take u guys to rip a dvd from start to finish and what are the main things needed for fast ripping?” it will vary a bit with diff dvds ?] BUT …
    also n e clues as to why i have one set up i have that is twice as fast as the other similar setup i have?

you are confusing ripping and transcoding, use dvdd to rip to hard drive, time
open shrink and transcode files from hard drive, time

Exactly that is so.
Who calls itself a “guru”, lol.

talking about dvdshrink and nero, I m having trouble with scsi messages when burning using these two progs in a Pioneer 110D on usb2 connection. (both with 4x RW and 8x+R discs)
I have combined two films and cut them down in size using the re-author facility in dvdshrink.
Everything goes o.k until the burn starts and then I get the scsi message and the burn stops.
The total amount of space use up is 4,4 GB is this too much to get on one disc?
Is this the problem? Any help appreciated.

Are you by any chance using Nero

There’s an error message you get, when Shrink tries to burn (it uses the Nero engine), if you have that version of Nero.

Hi Arachne,
Yes I am using that version of Nero but I have to tell you that at the time I was writing the message on the forum I was writing to the same +RW disc that was rejected before, only this time I reduced the size of the file even further (nothing at all but the two films ) and it burned fine at 4.11GB
So is 4.4GB too big or did something else happen?
I also burned two more films on the same type +R disc that I had no luck with before and again it worked fine at 4.2GB
Got me baffled.

shrink target size of 4400MB is almost full
this is not 4.4 GB tho

well so far i havent had much help in here ! nearly all have tried to help[thank u ] except the clown who calls himself “Chef” !
so far all i have seen him do is point out to people about their errors, lack of knowledge and so on.
i dont know who u r but u should either- stop criticising every one and start helping solve peoples problems, when they ask for help, or BUGGER OFF if u have got nothing constructive to say! :a

How’s that? I thought 4400MB was the same as 4.4 GB, is it far out?
The actual figure on the +RW disc that didn’t burn was (i think)4412MB. And when it did burn it was 419? somethingMB.
There must be some connection re size?

Shut up, F00L!
You have to learn many things just yet. Starting with choosing the correct words on a forum …

No one is here who needs to babysit you! :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

“Chef” - typical arrogant response i expected to get, and still no constructive help even after 3 posts! so typical! :a

u dont see n e one else in this thread being so quick to point out other peoples mistakes and yet offer no help ! :a :a

every one else in here is trying to help !

as for your knowledge on the subject , well maybe u r good , maybe u r crap, one would never know ?

if i knew how to do it all, then i wouldnt need to post in here asking 4 help!

You are just ignorant and so are your posts, everyone can see it clearly.

Going that path, you are not willing do read yourself into some posts/threads first to learn more about, even before asking.

And without self effort you can never learn new things.