How to improve burning quality for MCC003?

I’m using a 451@851 US0Q. The burn quality is so poor on MCC003 using default write strategy. I’ve tried CGXB but the situation is even worse. I’ve noted that some people burned this media with very good result. Any recommendations for me to improve the burn quality on this media.

I also attach the KProbe result here.


What brand are they, Ultran, Mitsubishi or Verbatim?

It branded as Crystal.

That puts it in the same catagory as Ultran. It’s probably not even Mitsubishi media because the real MCC003 media burns really well now with CG3B or VS0B. It’s just been given the MCC003 media code so it will be recognised by most drives and try to burn it at 8x but unfortunately the results are usually what you are seeing.

Sorry but I can only state the number one rule, don’t buy cheap media. :wink: