How to improve burn quality?

I am using an NEC 3540a (1.W6 firmware) and TYG02 (DVD-R) media and burning with Nero 7. When running CD-DVD Speed, my quality scans usually end up at about a 55-59 with some some single spike issues. :sad: I only burn (as far as DVD’s are concerned) rips from DVDShrink (saved as ISO’s and burned w/Nero). I have tried different firmwares, speeds and burning software, but I can’t seem to get my quality any higher (although when I use “Create Data Disk,” they come out in the 90’s). Are there any other tips to improve burn quality (i.e. system or software tweaks)? I’d like to try to get this fixed as I have occasional freezes during playback on some burns. Thanks in advance!


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Suggest that you try Liggys modded firmware 1.01e from here:

You should also look at your RAM - best to have 1gb as the burn process is very cpu and RAM intensive-

Also in future posts - give us as much info on your system and software as possible - look below at my signature as a guideline-