How to import iTunes playlists to "My Music" file?



Hello again…since I have such a hard time burning my iTunes playlists to blank CDs directly via iTunes, perhaps I can do it via my PC CD burner? How do I import my iTunes playlists to “My Music” folder (in “My Documents”) where I could access them with my Roxio Easy CD Creator and burn CDs?
Many thanks in advance for any help!


Why move them? Look in Preferences : advanced there will be the directory of the file all your tunes are stored in, (for me it’s D:\Music) you can then follow that path in Roxio or open a window and navigate there yourself and copy the tunes to a file to burn them.

(OR if you want to move them without the hastle, try selecting the tunes in itunes and dragging them into a file on your desktop, belive that works too)