How to implement twin sectors protection?

Hi all,

I am developing a highly targeted software that will not be distributed in more than 20 - 30 copies and would like to implement twin sectors protection just to discourage users from attempting disc copying.

Users of this software are unlikely to be familiar with advanced copying techniques …

As I understood from previous discussions, twin sectors can be injected in image file?

If this is case, what is the best image file to work with for this case (.iso, .nrg, .cue/.bin) and where can I find specification of that image file file format?

I presume that reading first and second copy of twin sector can be achived with described method of positioning and reading with windows direct drive access functions …

I would need a similar solution. I made a program. It will be installed from a CD with a setup file. I would like to protect the Setup file, that way that it wouldn’t start if it wouldn’t be executed from the protected CD. I think the Twin Sectors method is the best, because its hard to beat, unless you test the CD and find TS.

Spath tages tools should help both to insert twin in an .ccd image ( CloneCD image).

It is so easy to insert at possitions u wanted, and easier too to check into an executable routine. Spath tages tools are free and have no support at all, but it is the easiest way to insert twin into an image file.


1.- Make an iso release of ur CD (with main .exe coded with prot)
2.- Copy such CD into ur HD with cloneCD
3.- USe Spath tages tools to insert twin when desired (outside setup file range (both .exe/.cab/.whatever)
4.- Done, each copy will only work from protected CDs ( u should do this for every CD or use a patcher to patch image file and burning in sequence till the desired account)


Thanks Morglum007.

I will look at Spath tools, I have seen links posted in some discussions