How to image, errorscan and play back a disc simultaneously? (or at least 2 of them)

I imagine it in that way:

While a CD/DVD/BD is being played back, it first spins up to full speed, then reads data for the image and scans for errors at the same time.
If I jump to a different position during playback or open a different file on the disc, the image/scan-process will be temporarily halted, but the sectors which hold the accessed file or position on the disc will also be added to the image to save time.
Then, the imaging/scanning process will resume where it aborted while the playing video plays from the buffer, which will get refilled when about to run out, which also temporarily halts the scan process, yet adds the readed sectors to the image)


  • Scanning and simultaneous imaging initiated.
  • CD Track 01 starts playing.
  • CD Track 01 playing from buffered sectors, which are being added to the image simultaneously.
  • By now, the playback is at Track 01 00h00m20s, the imaging/scan process is at eg. 04m10s already.
  • I jump to track 07.
  • Track 07 buffers to 1 minute (4500 sectors).
  • These 4500 sectors will be added to the image to be skipped during the imaging later to save time.
  • Imaging and error scanning resumes from 04m10s.
  • Track 7 playing at 00m50s. Imaging process is at Track 3 02m35s (assuming approximately 4 minutes per track).
  • Buffering next minute of Track 7. Sectors 4500-9000 starting from Track 7 will be added to the image to save time.
  • Imaging and error scanning resumes at Track 3 02m35s.

This example is just for demonstration purposes and does not necessarily match realistic drive speeds.

At least, is two of these three things possible simultaneously, if not all? Or anything similar?.

I would really appreciate some help.