How to image C: to DVD media using Acronis True Image

Hi all, I have used Acronis True Image 2009 for the first time to image my C: drive to a different partition and everything went ok.
I would now like to copy the image to DVD media and make the DVD bootable but I can’t see how to do it.
Could anyone help me out with a step by step procedure?
I’ve searched through the programs help file but can’t find the procedure listed.
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

I have Acronis TI Home Version 11 .
On it you create a boot disc seperate from the Backup.
Look in Tools/Create Bootable rescue media
Then you use Backup wizard to create a DVD backup the location when you get there will be yor DVD drive.
The selection will be something like :
I don’t think the Backup will boot you have to use the boot disc you create for this then use the Backup.
There is a way to make a boot section for an external HDD where it will boot then do the Backup that is on it but it is a several step procedure,
You can also use a flash drive to boot Acronis but you still need the Backup on DVD discs or an External HDD.
It will also create a recovery section on your OS HDD or says it will.I don’t use that feature.

Thanks for your help Cholla. I haven’t decided which way to make the DVD yet. cheers.