How to identify my BenQ dvd rom burner and firmware update it

I know i have a BenQ… i dont know what model
So i need to figure it out somehow and firmware flash/update it for dual layer support… i know that it supports this since i remember from when buying it a few years back.
I checked the device manager but it only shows me general ATAPI drivers
and also i used everest but i cant find any information there.
So Question: How do i find which DVD burner i have (serial/model#) and what program do i use to flash/update the firmware?


I’m surprised the Device Manager won’t give more info about the drive. Have you checked
Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager-DVD-CD/ROM Drives ? The ‘Details’ tab should tell you the model number and firmware version.

Nero InfoTool will give you detailed information about your drive.

You can always try Belarc Advisor

It will give you a complete list about your entire system in addition to burner info.