How to identify manufactures media code before buying

Is there a way to identify manufactures media code before buying? Is it on the package? I never knew it really matterd and I threw out my packaging and cannot look. I just want the best that money can buy to use.

You can go here:

and see what they have. Also, after a while you can just tell what some brands will be. The label is rarely any help other than to tell country of origin. Your best bet is to buy direct online where they will tell you or post your plans here and see what others have found out.

Good online stores will let you know the MID of the media when you buy it. That is if they can. (Products with multiple mid’s on a spindle and fast changeing problems are most times not a option.)

Just a query. Apparently manufacturers, say when counterfeiting TY, use the TY MID code, but do not add the genuine ID number round the spindle.

Why is it ok to do one and not the other - I am confused because I would have thought faking another manufacturer’s product in any way is illegal - so why stop half way?

Hey Folks,
I picked up 3 Maxell DVD-R discs at Wal Mart this morning and they are genuine TY-G01. These are the blue packaging. This cured my problems with skipping on my Akai stand alone DVD player. Thanks for all the help!

Hmm it’s much more complicated. You know only half the story.
Reason is small manufacturers codes are bad supported by japanese drive makers so the compannies decide to abuse the best supported code.
To let the media burn at higher speeds. There intention is not to sell it as the real stuff.
They only want better support. For this reason compannies like Optodisc did even extra prints stateing there acrocircle brand and stuff. To make clear it’s not TY. Also they still try to get better support for there own codes.
However next the middle mans distributers/shops are screweing it and selling it as legit.
So if Japanese compannies did support the actuall standards better or didn’t use the MID only support it would mean much less trouble.