How to identify dye type on a CD that is already burned?

It seems to me that some time ago I saw a small program that would allow you to do that. I have read and searched the forum(s) and I don’t see any reference to that program, all the posts deal with blank media.

The reason I ask is because I want to make backups of some NAVI CD’s to use in my car so I can keep the originals in a safer spot. I can make RAW copies using CloneCd but when I put them in the car it says " no CD inserted" even though all the information on the dupe is the same including byte size and name as original.

I have tried burning at 1x with 3 different brands of CD’s but to no avail.

Someone mentioned that Nero can read the dye type but I don’t think it will do it on a CD that is full of data.

Holding the original NAVI CD under a light shows it being almost like a mirror it’s so silver, none of my discs are quite that shiny. I am betting that the laser in the reader can’t get through the types I am using. I had that trouble at one time with a Verbatim DVD but these are CD’s of unknown manufacture.

Thanks to all in advance and sorry if I posted in the wrong area!

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You might want to have a browse around our CD & DVD Copy Protection Forum whilst you’re waiting for replies, backing up navigation discs has been discussed a lot in there :wink:

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If it’s the type of dye that’s required, then CD-DVD Speed will get that for you. It doesn’t matter whether the CD is blank or been recorded on.

Download the program, fire it up, put a disc in the right drive and look under the ‘Disc Info’ tab.

like a mirror it’s so silver

My guess is it is a replica and has no dye.

Thanks for all the help, I am still struggling making coasters of my Navteq CD’s Type DX for my Mercedes. There’s a lot of info in the Copy Protection forum but nothing that is specific to my troubles.

Thanks guys!

Don’t know much about setting’s in clone-cd but it sounds very much as the disc’s are not closed?