How to identify DVD writer that is capable of handling safedisc

boys who can explain to me from where to understand from the info of a dvd-rom if he is compatible with the writing of one I have other codifies safedisc etc…. thanks excused for English not corrected which to buy for safedisc 2/3/4?

The forum is an international one, which means people are from all different timezones.

No need to bump your thread after only one hour - you’ll get a reply soon I should think :slight_smile:

excused for post draws near thanks

Nowadays emulation is the answer to your problem where the drives don’t need to be ‘compatible’ for SafeDisc. So any drive will do the job.

thanks for the answers but my problem that I must burning of the maps of navigation of the teleatlas and my burning do not support the 1:1 copy

^ So-called 1:1 copying of safedisc protected dvds is impossible with conventional burners and media as a result of the inability of dvd burners to write dvds in raw mode.