How to identify copy protection

Could someone recommend some software that can identify copy protection used, and hopefully suggest settings that Clone CD would need to copy it?

Thanks for any pointers


Before people all start yelling: ClonyXXL. Yes this is the German version. You can find an English version at

You could have find this out yourself with the search since this has been asked a lot of times before…

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I had found a few at
But I was interested in seeing what was recommended by most people, seems ClonyXXL is popular



Hmm, could you point out whereabouts on that site you can get the english version. I cant see it… :frowning:


Currently, there is no English version of Clony XXL. And no matter what anyone says, tarbaby’s version is NOT 90% translated.

You can download an english version of Clony XL at

The author of Clony says he will translate it once it is no longer in beta format.

I still prefer ClonyXXL to ClonyXL… I know there’s no complete translated version available as of yet but since I’m Dutch I can understand German for the most part :wink: The partially traslated version should also be understandable. It’s not that hard is it ?

ur jokin ? …it may as well be written in chinese … jus jokin::smiley:

you can find more cd protector identifiers here

I actually speak german as well.

I just don’t enjoy spending 1 min. examining a sentence to figure out what it means.

to detect safedisc v.2 (which is the only protection that actually works, others can be defeated with like read subchannel data, etc.) it has like .0000001.tmp, .00000002.tmp. something similar to that. and it has a file called clokspl. it’s icon is like a cd thingy.

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to detect safedisc v.2 (which is the only protection that actually works, others can be defeated with like read subchannel data, etc.) it has like .0000001.tmp, .00000002.tmp. something similar to that. and it has a file called clokspl. it’s icon is like a cd thingy.
SafeDisc 2 hasn’t got a .ICD file anymore nor does it have a .TMP file. The encryption in this SafeDisc 2 version is part of the .EXE file(s).

Scanned a cd yesterday with ClonyXXL and it did not find anyprotection.
try to read it with Clonecd and after half an hour it still was at 0% :frowning:
stopped and looked at the cd, laserlock written at the centre :frowning:
(some kid game, regenboogvis, yeah dutch, but the original game is french)

what are the best setting in clonecd for laserlock?

Thanks to a Clone Clinic member - if you see your words, let me know!

IBSS: this feature is used only for the Laserlock and Lockblocks protections (one visible ring on the newer cds and 2 rings on the older computer games). It will influence the speed of image making, trying to read the locking sectors on the cd a little faster. I would suggest that you set the range of 1 or 2, but not more, otherwise there is a very great danger that the programme would skip “healthy” sectors.

I know, it will take more time if you set the range to such a small number, but then you can be pretty sure that the copy will work. I had very bad experiences when I set the range to a higher number than 2 or 3. but it depends on the drive you use for reading. e.g., when I use a toshiba drive or a philips burner to read, I can set the range to 80-100 and it works fine, but when I use my plextor burner for reading, it always skips healthy sectors (60.000 sectors instead of 10.000 protected, which makes 50.000 healthy sectors being skipped).

Since the plextor is such a good burner, it can skip locking sectors very fast using the hardware, without any additional help from Clonecd. but my toshiba drive and my philips burner are not so good, so they need much help from software (clonecd). so if you have a plextor burner, I would suggest that you use it with the range of 1 or 2. if not, you could try using the range of 80-100. the protected (locking) sectors are approx. between 800 and 11000, so if more is skipped, reduce the range if your copy works, then I guess it’s ok. You have to try for yourself.

If the errors don’t exceed the 3-4%, or in other words 11.000 sectors, then it’s ok. but if you get 60.000 bad sectors with plextor, like I did, while the toshiba drive finds only 11.000, then it’s clear that clonecd is not really optimised for all drives.

actually the ibss is intended for bad drives, which can’t deal with laserlock sectors on their own. I set the range to 1, it’s fast enough when reading with plextor burner. if it takes too much time with your drive, increase the range and check out how many bad sectors there are in the end. if it appears to be suspiciously many ones, reduce the range and try again.
I personally also use IBSS with ProtectCD (Cossacks)…a setting of 1000 in a Toshiba SD-M1402 is fine. You cannot set such a high value with anything other than a Toshi & only after experimenting. Note that the author could have used older FW thus the low setting for his/her Plextor.