How to identically copy a CD ROM

I am a teacher in a Chicago public school and have one copy of a program called earobics. Other teachers in the building have asked me to install the program on their computers so their students can benifit as well. However, you need the disk in order to run the program. I then tried to directly copy the CDROM using Roxio CD creator. I inserted the new CDROM into the computer…but it doesn’t work. Can anyone suggest a program other then Roxio that will allow me to copy this CDROM identically? Thus enabling me to distribute multiple copies around the building.

I am running Windows Vista, however I need to be able to install the program onto Macs. I only have 1 CD/DVD RW drive.

This program seems to have copy protection included on the disk since it requires the disk to be in the computer when you run the program. We cannot help people make duplicates of copyright protected material in order to distribute it, even if that distribution is limited to one organization.

If you have a license for multiple installations, we would need evidence of that before offering help. Such a license usually includes all the necessary disks, so I am doubtful your school has permission to use the program in different computers. I may be wrong however, and am willing to listen before closing this thread.