How to ID good quality Verbatim using manufac / EAN?



Been a long time away, all my my up-to-date suppliers have changed and so have many brands and which factories they use.

So, I’m on a look out for inexpensive, but good quality Verbatim DVD+R DL discs within the EU (no,, etc US only suggestions, please).

I’ve been able to find some decent prices, but the sellers of course do NOT tell anything useful about the discs (like country of manufacture).

So, is there a way to identify or even with likelihood rule out worse quality manufacturing batches/versions by looking only at manufacturer code or EAN code?

For example Verbatim DVD+R DL with:

Manufacturer code: 97693
EAN: 023942976936

Can I deduce is this from Singapore? UAE? China? India?

This is sold within the EU and has a package (supposedly) like below:

If anybody knows or can fill in the potential/most likely places of manufacure (along with quality ratings) for the following MFG codes, please post here (These are all for Verbatim branded discs, no other manufacturers/brands):



I’d avoid 97693 and anything else that’s “Life Series”, none of it is true Mitsubishi/Verbatim media. I have a spindle of that very product and it’s CMC Magnetics MID.


Thank you Two Degrees. I’ve ordered Verbatim (manufac-code: 43757) DVD+RL DL now. I found them for c. 1€/piece in packets of 25. Not the cheapest, but ok price, IF they are indeed of high quality. I will report back when I get them.