How to I restore from DVD, keeping the original create date

I used Nero to create a data disk(s).
The dates on the dvd are the original dates from the hard disk.
I like this format, because I can do dirs and md5 digest codes directly off the dvd to check things are still ok, and for catalogue listings.

When I drag the files from the dvd (copy) them using windows explorer to the hard drive, the created date is changed to today.

I want it to work like a move (since they were moved from the hard disk to the dvd, and are now coming back).
I need to preserve both dates, and don’t want to have to write my own program to do it.

I have a long workaround by zipping(winzip) the files off the dvd, and then exporting that to a directory on the hard disk.

Is there an easier/better way to do this copy from a dvd and preserve the created date ??

total commadner
i dont know if it will get the job done but its worth a try