How to hoover?

Hey I saw a post here that I found through google were someon had the same problem im havin now with my ps2. On san andreas about 8 or 10 and sometimes if im lucky 20 minutes into the game it freezes. Usually before its about to freeze the radio will be messed up, anyway this guy said he hooverd his fan and disc tray and it fixed it for him so waht is hoovering and how do i do it? I already tryed a search but nothing so thanks peace\

sorry i posted this already im just tryin to get a fast response plz i have to leave soon ok peace sorry again if its really a problem then just delete this but please answer me pleas! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

please does anyone know?!

hoovering is often used as a slang term for vaccumming. i’m not sure if this is what he was referrinf to or how safe this would be with a ps2…it’s probably much safer to use compressed air to clean electronics, but hey, some of us improvise.

if this in fact what he was referring to, then his system was simply dusty and that was what was causing the problems. sort of like the “magic” blowing on the old 8bit NES cartridges.

if i’m wrong and this is an actual procedure involving ps2s i apologize as I’m not big on video games. this was the first logical thing i thought of when i read the post though…only because i actually “hoovered” my computer fan when the dust caked onto it was affecting its performance.

i don’t recommend vaccumming your electronics though folks.

yea actually thats what i was thinkin he meant, my ps2 is really old and dusty as a mofo. When i opened it today i did blow on it alot but i guess tht didnt help to much. So ill get one of thos air cans and spray it thx for the help realli thanks!