How to hook up hardware



i have a lite on dvd rom that i would like to use for ripping movies and i have a pioneer 108 writer wich one should be slave and wich one should be master or could both be made master. i have put dvd rom as slve and would not rip made 108 slave and rom master and the 108 will not burn fast any ideas would be helpful


I don’t think your master/slave has anything to do with the speed of ripping, or not ripping at all if you don’t have a hardware conflict.
you could set the lite on as a slave together with your HDD and the pioneer a master on the secondary IDE and make sure your jumpers are set right (on the drives)


If you don´t intend to rip and burn at same time, then both drives can be connected to same IDE-channel. (Secondary)
All DVDRW´s love master position. On a 80 conductor IDE-cable, jumpers are not that important, but the transfer speed can improve if you jumper them according to cable ie. maste at end. :wink:


doesnt matter how you connect your drives on the new mobo’s
only on the older motherboards its importand to watch where you connect what.
(i have dvd reader and dvd burner on same ide channel and rip/burn on the fly without any problems)


You don’t want either drive paired on the same cable as your hd, it will just slow you down. And no they can’t both be master. It’s your preference really, but set one to master and one to slave and put them on the same cable leaving the hd by itself.


He could have both as master if he has a SATA HDD, one on each channel set as master. But if no SATA HDD put them both on the secondary channel and set the writer as master and the cd rom as slave.


Good point, I just assumed he wasn’t running SATA as he didn’t mention it.