How to hide my IP under MIRC

Hi guys,
anyone know how to hide my IP adress under MIRC?

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You can get a shell account on which you login with mIRC and from there you logon to IRC servers.

I have no clue how it exactly works, maybe someone else can explain that for you, but it is possible. Don’t know if there are free shell accounts as well…doubt it, but you never know.

You can never really hide your IP because IRC works IP-based, so hiding means no IRC.

You do can, like I do, log in using SSH on a Linux machine, via SSH you start an IRC client like BitchX.
In BitchX you use the command /mode username +x to spoof your hostname and IP.

This is the most compatible way i can think of.

way to hard for me :slight_smile:

Yeah …
Bouncing the IP over another server is the only way to hide your IP …
Or let put it that way: the only way I know :stuck_out_tongue:
So, if you really want to hide your IP, you should look after a shell :slight_smile:

You can put a whois on Sorcerer on the irc channel of CDFreaks.
At the moment I’m logged using another machine via SSH.

if you have an anonymous proxy u CAN be full anonymous … BUT some servers do not allow that …


Using a proxy a is almost the same as using a shell!

and using a proxy will mostly get you k-lined :frowning:

A bouncer will work just fine, ezbounce or psybounce, are the programs to use it with, on the internet there should be free shells or you could hack one, but that is against the law :wink: is one those companies that delivers shells. for low prices.

my shell is: