How to hide audio track in pregap

Hi folks,

I know about hidden ROM tracks in the pregap of a CD-DA. It was used years ago before CD-plus (extra) was invented.

How do I place an audiotrack in the pregap of a CD-DA to achieve maximum playability on CD and DVD players? I want users to rewind from track 1 into the hidden track to play it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sample for comparision/analysis.

I have basic knowledge of DDP and would try it modifying the DDP files.

Thankyou your comments!

Put all your audio in one image file. Make sure the DSS is 0 or 150 for this stream. Then list track 1 index 0 as 00:00:00 and track 1 index 1 as 03:30:20 (for example) in thd PQ file.

Audio players should go to track 1 index 1 and start playing from there. However, some start always at 00:02:00.


Dear RichMan,

Yepp! It worked!

Many thanks!


In the meantime somebody else adviced to create a special track1 consisting of hiddentrackaudio + silence + track1audio and then to set the index to start play (track1) manually to the proper location in this special file.

Both worked for me.