How to have my pc read out my text in voice?



how to have my pc read out my word doc in voice?
my eyes are sore, i don’t want to read through everything i’ve just typed in MSword, i remembered how bill boosted magnificently about the glorious speech feature on vista, seeing now i’ve been forced to install that offspring of a windows me on my new pc, i thought i might as well make use of it, that is, until i realized it can only read out a sentence for testing a voice in the speech option in control panel . so now i’m stumped, i’d like to know if there are any alternatives to have my text read out to me in full voice, doesn’t have to be good, i just need to hear it.


You need some very expensive software for that. Blind people use it…


Have a read of this thread and seeif the text reader suits?


In the early days when we had a BBC computer some one brought out a text reader that used a very basic sound generator that was incorporated in a ROM in the machine. The program did a reasonable job and was only 12.5k yes k in size.
There are free programs available on the web you’ll just have to track them down and find one that suits you.


[QUOTE=weedougie;2068288]Have a read of this thread and seeif the text reader suits?[/QUOTE]

hmmm it doesn’t run on vista.

oh vista…