How to have my dvd has ICON?


i not quite sure how to call this problem.

let me explain,
i wanna have 1 dvd that when i put into the tray,
the cd will automatically boot.
boot in my meaning, it will display the file in tat DVD,
and also has a ICON (pic) beside the name of the DVD.

can any1 help me doing this thing?

TOM :iagree:

if you are talking about a DVD you are creating rather than one you are copying then the procedure is simple if there is an .Exe file just create a autorun file.

open notepad and type this

open=xxxxxxxx.exe <----this is the name of the exe file you want to start
icon=xxxxxxxx.exe <----the name of the icon you want to be displayed

save the file as AUTORUN.INF place it and Icon you want to use in the root directory of your DVD.

also important to have autorun enabled on the drive, and perhaps have a program associated to autorun the dvd

i don’t want anythign to run,

i just want a windows to pop and show me the file inside.

you don’t need autorun enabled to have it show the volume label and icon, but you do need auto insert notification to be on.

'auto insert notification ’

where is it?

right click the drive within my computer. under the autoplay tab, there are various options you can choose for each type of disc you insert.