HOw to handle ISO images


I have a couple of ISo images and I am not sure how can i use them. Well I successfully burnt them on Cds after renameing them to nrc but the thing is one of the CDs is not running OK. It seems that one of the files cannot be accessed. I tried everything but canot access that file. So I was wondering is there a tool or a burn appl that will let me brows the ISO files without having to burn them. or any usefil appl that is good when hanling ISO. It wiuld be good If I can just “unzip” those ISO files on my hard drive and see whats working, instead of waisting CDRs.



You can use this program: WinISO

It can process almost all CD-ROM image file(s) including ISO and BIN. With WinISO, you can add/delete/rename/extract file(s) within image files. You can convert image files to the standard ISO format and you have the ability to create ISO image file(s) from a CD-ROM.


you can also mount them with daemon tools and then use the iso as if its burnt on cd already.

COOL !!!

thanks to both of you. I just tried the deamon tools – AWESOME. It is really a sweet proggy. Also I herd that Alcohol (never tried it) combines all those features (similar to WInISO) but better.

Is it true?


not completely

alcohol doesn’t support pre-mastering (yet)
you can make iso’s and mount iso’s in the virtual drive. but you cant edit the image files.

and its not free.

winiso isn’t free either