How to go from VHS to DVD-R



Toughest part of this project is figuring out the appropriate forum to post to.

I have a Sony VRD-MC3, a standalone DVD recorder with S-Video In and AV In, and will burn DVD-R DL at 8X. I have a collection of aging VHS protected movies which are deteriorating as I write this.

My VCR only has AV OUT. Am I making a mistake to proceed without trying to find a VCR with S-Video OUT? Would the difference be significant?

Are there both software and hardware solutions to deal with VHS protection? I am under the impression I can legally to what I got to do to rescue these movies that are on a magnetic media and put them on optical media.

The setup I described doesn’t use my PC. Will I have to use the Sony recorder as an external device on my computer to use a software or hardware solution to the VHS protection problem?

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There is a lot of different ways doing it. Transferring from VCR to DVD can be a lot harder than most people think and the quality of the end result will greatly depend on the [B]hardware[/B] and [B]software[/B] being used. Before you jump into it and find out you have wasted a lot of $$$ on something that turns out to be a waste of time and $$$ and end up with rubbish quality. Best thing to do is read up on it so you know what is involved and then read up some more and more and keep reading till you have a good idea of what’s involved and know what hardware and software that is going to give the end result you want or hoping to end up with. You can start reading up on it here and some more reading here. :slight_smile:


One question what about those home players the have both the VHS and DVD-R feature to dubb your VHS to DVD-R will that work out just as good as using your computer to do the function? How much data and screen quality do you loose compare to the computer setup to transfer VHS to DVD-R?


Only a few DVD recorders has the ability to by-pass certain VHS tapes’ macrovision protection. Lite-On I’ve heard is one of those, but I don’t know which models. Most PCI TVTuner or capture cards can by-pass it with the right software.
The thing about transferring VHS tapes to DVD is that you will never get the digital quality of a DVD, but it will look better watching that VHS-transferred DVD on a DVD player than if you were to watch the VHS tape itself on a VCR.

Some older VHS movies are already offered in DVD format and they would look much better than if you were to transfer them from VHS to DVD yourself, so you need to decide if transferring them yourself is acceptable enough of a quality for your liking.
If you have a lot of these older titled VHS tapes like I have, it might be better worth investing in a one-time hardware/software $$ to transfer all your VHSs with rather than to buy every single VHS in DVD format.
Besides some of the VHSs aren’t even available in DVDs either.