How to go about extracting the music from this .eml

OK – lets try this again. If there is a double post I apologize.
Looked around your site and like what I see. People from all over the world should ensure help with most member problems. Hopefully I will also be able to help on occasion.

I’m a retired Satellite technician, and have been around computers since before they had hard drives. My real love is Music (used to be a DJ) and have a considerable collection. Always on the look-out for newer / better programs / burners / copy protection remover software, etc.

Of course I have my FIRST REQUEST FOR HELP. I received an e-mail in M/S Outlook Express wich has an EMBEDDED music file in it that I would like to be able to extract, and save as an mp3. (really mean Boogie Woogie Piano piece) Any help (step-by-step) on how to go about extracting the music from this .eml would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Greetings Fanik! And welcome to the forum. I have a question for you. Do you know of any DJ mixer software that I can use? I have been looking for something that’s real easy to use for my laptop. For mixing and burning mp3’s on cd. As for your question on the embedded music file, I am sure some one else can help you with that.

Thanks in advance
Mr. Bill :bow:

Hi fanik,and WC!..I don’t use outlook or outlook express,but try this,
Save the attachment to your desktop and Open it with Outlook Express or Outlook. It will open as a new email, and this time you should see the contents…
A little googling will get you more tips, it is your friend…good luck! :wink:

If it is an attachment in Outlook, when you open E-Mail, you will see a paper clip on top right side.
Click on it, the window will open with attachment and Save As.
Click on Save As and browse for place you want to save your file to.
Once saved, open with any software that play the music.
I do not know what you have for that, but some will have converter for MP3 file. It may be MP3 already, since wav is quite large for E-Mail.

Hey Mr. Bill. To answer your question, I use “SAM PARTY DJ” by spacial audio. It’s a fantastic program. Has various mixers, sound effects, database-with look-up feature & more. But it does not have a cd burning feature. Cost is about 60. bucks, but you can download a trial version to try it. Google "sam party dj, and you will see the pgm to download plus cracks for the serial key. It’s the best I’ve found. Another one is “virtual DJ” You can goodle it as well, but it’s not as good. I already solved extracting the song from the e-mail. hanks for your reply.
fanik :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply t0nee1. The song is embedded with text and graphcs–no attachment. I solved it today by playing the song/e-mail & feeding the output into an ADS USB music converter, and feeding that into Audicity editor to record and save as mp3. Still looking for an easier/quicker method for the future. Regards

Thanks for the reply CDuncle. It’s not an attachment, it’s embedded.
I have solved the problem and extracted the song using ADS usb music converter. See my reply to t0nee1 in this same thread

Thanks Fanik. I will take a look at Sam Party DJ. I did see Virtual DJ. But it cost to much. about $299.00.

Mr. Bill