How To Give A Title To Home Movies for iPad

When transfering your home movies to your iPad, it’s difficult to know which movie you want. Here’s a detailed method to place a name at the beginning of the video.

What you need: Windows 7 and Windows Movie Maker

This may work on other Windows operating systems but not tested.

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker
  2. Click on “Add Videos and Photos”.
  3. Navigate to the folder with the desired video. Select and click “Open”.
  4. Click on “Caption”.
  5. Enter “Delete” to remove “Enter Test Here”.
  6. Type in your desired name for the video.
  7. Under Font, click on the “Bold” and “Italic” buttons.
  8. Drag the dotted frame to the top of the window and stretch it to the left and right.
  9. The two "A"s at the right, in the Font box, grow and shrink your entry. Click on the larger “A” until your entry fills the window then drag it to the center.
  10. Click on an area outside the window to enter your test.
  11. Click on the “Home” tab at the top left.
  12. Click on the words “Save Movie” tab at the far right.
  13. Scroll down to “Tablet Settings” and “Apple iPad”.
  14. Navigate to the folder you want to save it to and give it a name. Click “Save”.
  15. You’re done. Whew

Movie Maker encodes your video to iPad format. Depending on the size, this could take quite some time.