How to get working image back on CD?

Have created image with CD Clone In Daemon tools same works if you mount image. But how do I get it - working - on a CD without running Daemon Tools ?
CD writer is SONY CRX140E How helps me further ?

What is it an image of? Ability to burn a working copy if the image is of a copy protected cd (as I presume it is) is probably hardware dependant.

The image is of a course and SafeDiscV2 protected. Hardware I have defined being CDRW SOny CRX140E

Your writer isn’t a 2 sheep efm model so you’ll need luck and if it’s sd 2.9 protected you have little chance.

Try burning the image either with clonecd with AWS or alcohol with standard safedisc 2 settings (i.e. Bypass efm error checked).

please say what the hell the game is and where the hell you are this helps people to understand the problem