How to get VOB files onto DVD with Surround Sound

Hello brains
I have a bit of a predicament with some .VOB files I have acquired. They only came as .VOB files and are currently on my PC. What I want to do is create a DVD of them and play them back on my home cinema system.

I have successfully done this by renaming the .VOB files to .mpg and creating a DVD using Roxio. However, when I play them in my DVD player, the sound is stereo only. I suspect that when renaming to .mpg, I am losing the surround sound info?

Any help out there from you clever people?:smiley:

Check your files with GSpot. They probably have 2ch audio only.

Checked with Gspot and AC3 is there. Just downloaded DVD-lab and got the dolby 5.1 to work OK. However, DTS does not. Has anyone else had any trouble with the DTS downloads?

Does DVDLAB support DTS? Not many encoders do…

DVDLab and DVDLab Pro by themselves are just authoring programs, but both have support for DTS audio streams.

DVDLabPro2 Edit Suite is the one that includes an encoder. Here is their comparison chart:

2127’s problems probably stem from the original material that he has acquired.