How to get USA only bargains outside USA?

This question defies logic, but I must ask:

How can I benefit from the “offer only valid only in USA, will only ship to USA” bargains, when I’m not in the USA?

Buyers in USA get excellent brand media for 1/4 the the price I have to pay and some of the hardware deals are so incredible, they make grown men weep :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t have a distant relatives in the USA who could help me out with these deals.

Is there any other way? A remailing service or something?



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Is there any other way? A remailing service or something?

Kinda similar Qs & As could be found here

Thanks again BoSkin!

I’ll summarise my own findings here:

NO international orders


  • no international credit cards, no international shipment


  • no international orders

Best Buy

  • no international credit cards, no international orders

Unknown policy on international orders - don’t know if they ship electronics internationally (didn’t use to) - can’t find their policy

International orders OK (some limitations)

  • international orders ok, payment by wire transfer only
  • no gift certificates for international orders
  • no return of items for international orders (except if defective)
  • no free shipping for international orders

Fry’s (Outpost)

  • international orders ok, international credit cards ok
  • no Apple, HP, 3Com, Compaq, IBM or DES encrypted stuff
  • no international warranties from most manufacturers
  • most rebate coupons effective only in the USA and Canda


I used to live in Australia but now I live in the U.S. - it makes me think I should set up a site that allows people from abroad to take advantage of the great deals in the U.S. for a small fee. I should do that, probably won’t.

FYI, the US has some rather incomprehensable laws about exporting technology, which is why many shippers won’t ship overseas. They don’t want to get wrapped up with our customs dept., deciding what complies with the law and what doesn’t. A private person can ship an H-bomb with relative impunity, but a business has to clear everything through customs.

And alot of it is just plain laziness or ignorance.

Some companies charge upwards of $20 extra to send to an APO address. This is a soldier who is “defending the nation” against it’s enemies. They get SCREWED over by a company that pays the SAME AMOUNT SHIPPING to Iraq, Korea, Germany, etc… as it would to ship it to anywhere else in America. The government foots the bill from New York to wherever in Europe or Africa it goes, and LA to Korea or wherever else to the west.

But these companies don’t want to deal with going to the post office and slapping on a customs label.

Shoot… Do you know it is cheaper for Koreans to buy some Samsung products and have them shipped back to Korea from the USA? If I was Korean, I think I’d be mad about that!!!

What were you looking for? Just for your info, here in the USA it is the same problem. Our manfactured items alot of times are cheaper oversees.

What country are you in?

I am looking for CDR manufacturer in India. Any help?

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I am looking for CDR manufacturer in India. Any help?
This site ( w lotsa opportunities ) can come in handy > [COLOR=blue]

Here are just some examples :[/COLOR]

Blank Cdr
[India] Comdaq (9/3/2003) No. 1149962

Dear Sir, We are a well established trading house in the UK with an offschoot in India. We would like to use this opportunity to establish sustained business relations with you.

[Singapore] Active Technologies Pte Ltd (9/1/2003) No. 1147079

Dear Sir We have CD-R ready stock 600k in my warehouse in HK, 1A grade blank CDR , 48x , 700mega bytes, 80 min ( No Brand )USD 0.17 M,Q,O: 1 X 20ft with 650,000 units. olor : Silver - Silver Delivery time : 14 days Logo

[India] Sumit Overseas (7/31/2003) No. 1103224

Dear Sir, We are the indenting agents operating from New Delhi, the Capital of India.We have many manufacturer of CDR in India as well as in Hongkong. We can supply you 700M/80MIN,A Grade , over 40x CDR at a very competitive price.

I purchase from Newegg with an International Credit Card and have it shipped to my country.
I live thousands of miles from the USA.

Forget what my location says, I live in the Caribbean.
I got an international address from my local post company and use that address and its redirected.

How do one do that?/gs.

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How do one do that?/gs.


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an International Credit Card

an international address

use that address and its redirected.

yep, it’s as easy as that.

Maybe it’s because the Caribbean islands don’t have the stature of Sweden that their postal companies have this service.

Basically we all get the same address in the US, where there are people employed there specifically to receive our packages and rebadge them with our “real addresses”.
The postal agency then collects these packages at the international airport and it is flown to our local post agency who then couriers the item to your home.

We pay the equivalent of US30 per year and that’s it, the only additional cost is for customs duties on items which are susceptible to those things.
For instance I bought a DVD burner from Newegg with free shipping, and that item came to me with just the cost I paid at the site.
I paid US89 for my LiteOn 401s and it came all the way here at no additional cost.

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I paid US89 for my LiteOn 401s and it came all the way here at no additional cost.
What can I say ? Excellent ! :smiley:

Well thank you sidebar ,thats the kind of info I wanted./gs.